Monday, April 25, 2005

Yulon just couldn't be stopped

Yulon Dinos is getting ready for the most important time of the year -- the playoffs. Without starting center Tsun Wen-din, Yulon demonstrated an incredible firepower in the last three games, scoring over 100 in each. Led by Chen Hsin-an's 28 points, Yulon beat Taiwan Beer 103-94 Sunday night to push its winning streak to 11 games.

Offensively and defensively, Yulon looks so good as a team that you could almost give them the champion trophy right now. No team has an answer for their defense, mixed up by 3-2 zone and man-to-man. And their balanced attack on offense is simply too much for any opponent to take. Besides Chen Hsin-an, Chou Shih-yuan has been on fire all year. The combination of Chen and Chou gives Yulon a tremendous edge on offense.

We haven't even mentioned experienced vets like Chen Chih-chun, Chou Hong-yu, Chiu Shi-yi and improving youngsters like center Tsun Wen-din and point guard Lee Hsueh-lin. It's so hard to imagine Yulon lose another game.

At the same time, the battle for the remaining playoff seed continues. ETSN routed VL 93-76 on Saturday while TB lost to Yulon on Sunday. ETSN replaces Taiwan Beer temporarily in the standing as the No.4 seed. However it's more likely TB will get the last playoff ticket since TB holds a 3-2 head-to-head advantage once both teams have the same W-L record and the tiebreaker rule kicks in.

For now, Yulon, Videoland and Dacin had clinched the No.1, No.2 and No.3 playoff seed. Dacin will meet VL in the best-of-three first round playoff series. Yulon is expectd to meet Taiwan Beer in the first round.

Yulon 103-94 Taiwan Beer
Yulon: Chen Hsin-an 28p+8rb, Chou Shih-yuan 23p, Chen Chih-chun 15p
TB: Ho Sho-jen 29p, Lin Chi-jay 20p, Ha Hsiao-yuan 25p

Dacin 84-77 BOT
Dacin: Tien Lei 30p+10rb, Lin Yi-huei 11p
BOT: Wu Yong-jen 20p, Lin Chun-feng 20p, Cheng An-jay 13p+14rb

ETSN 93-76 VL
ETSN: Yang Yu-min 36p, Wu Dai-hao 6p+13rb+4s, Shan Wei-fan 13p, Wu Cheng-dao 13p
VL: Lin Tsun-ching 20p, Lin Shin-hwa 11p, Lin Jia-huang 10p

Yulon 101-88 Sina
Yulon: Chou Shih-yuan 22p+6s, Chen Shih-chun 14p, Wei Yong-tai 14p
Sina: Chen Shi-jay 23p+9rb, Lo Shin-liang 18p, Lu Cheng-ju 12p, Kao Li-min 10P+6rb+5a

Rk. Team W-L Games Behind
. Yulon 24-4 --
%#2. Videoland 18-10 6
@#3. Dacin 17-12 7.5
4. ETSN 15-14 9.5
5. Taiwan Beer 14-14 10
6. Bank of Taiwan 9-20 15.5
7. Sina 3-26 21.5