Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Chou Hai-jung named Videoland head coach

Videoland announced today assistant coach Chou Hai-jung will be the new head coach, while former head coach Chung Chi-mun is "promoted" to the team's Technical Advisor. Of course, it means Chung actually is fired as a head coach.

Chou Hai-jung, currently work with Taiwan NT as an assistant, becomes the latest SBL head coach from the "younger generation". All six SBL head coaches are under 41 years-old, with the youngest one -- ETSN's Lee Yun-hsiang -- only 34.

A former NT SG/SF, Chou has been an assistant both with Videoland (formerly known as BCC Mars) and Taiwan NT for a couple years. It will be interesting to see what he can do with this veteran team.

SBL Head Coach
Team, Coach, Age
Taiwan Beer, Chou Da-tsun, 41
Videoland, Cho Hai-jung, 41
Yulon, Lee Yun-kwang, 37
Bank of Taiwan, Wei Chen-ming, 37
Dacin, Liu Jia-fa, 36
Lee Yun-hsiang, 34