Monday, August 15, 2005

Taiwan NT 3-5 in Korea

Taiwan NT lost the last two warmup games in Korea with a 90-82 loss to LG and a 80-69 loss to SBS. In all, Taiwan NT finished 3-5 in Korea, winning the first three before losing five straight. It will leave for Fujian, China for a five team tournament.

Tsun Wen-din topped the SBS game with 18 points. Chen Hsin-an had 13 points and 12 rebounds. Tien Lei and Chen Chih-chun each had 10 points.

Obviuosly Taiwan NT is fatigued, playing 17 games in the last 24 days. They played nine games in nine days in the Jones Cup, where they finished runner-up, rested for a few days before playing another eight games in nine days in Korea.

But there are more warmup games, six games in seven days, waiting for them. Taiwan NT will enter a five-team tournament in Fujian, China, where they will face Jiangsu Dragons, Liaoning Hunters and Fujian SBS from China's CBA and Videoland from Taiwan. Videoland will be joined by some players from other SBL teams because there are s couple VL players on Taiwan NT.

**Five-team tourney schedule:

Aug. 19 (Fuzhou, Fujian province)
Liaoning-Taiwan NT

Aug. 20 (Fuzhou, Fujian province)
Taiwan NT-VL

Aug. 21 (Fuzhou, Fujian province)
Jiangsu-Taiwan NT

Aug. 23
Taiwan NT-VL (Quanzhou, Fujian province)
Fujian SBS-Jiangsu

Aug. 24 (Quanzhou, Fujian province)
Jiangsu-Taiwan NT
Fujian SBS-VL

Aug. 25 (Quanzhou, Fujian province)
Fujian SBS-Taiwan NT

**Taiwan NT in Korea, 3W-5L
8/6 win 93-71 Sanmu
8/7 win 74-72 Korea World University Games NT
8/9 win 81-70 Chooang University
8/10 loss 74-90 SK
8/11 loss 68-69 ET Land
8/12 loss 83-88 Korea NT
8/13 loss 82-90 LG
8/14 loss 69-80 SBS