Monday, December 26, 2005

ETSN still looking for first win ; Tien Lei shines

Dec. 25

Yulon 70-57 Taiwan Beer
Chen Chih-chun scored 15 of 17 points in the second half as Yulon beat Taiwan Beer and finished 3-0 in a tough week. Yulon is now leading the league at 5-1.
(Chen Chih-chun 17p+5rb+6a, Tsun Wen-din 11p+10rb, Wu Chih-wei 16p ; Wu Chih-yuan 15p+8rb, Ho Sho-jen 13p, Lin Chih-jay 11)

Dacin 86-81 YMY
Tien Lei's two three-pointers late in the fourth quarter helped Dacin hold off a YMY rally and won its third straight game. Lo Shin-liang's 38 points was his season-high.
(Tien Lei 30p+8rb, Lee Fong-yong 16p, Su Yi-chieh 13p ; Lo Shin-liang 38p+7rb)

Videoland 89-83 ETSN
Lai Kuo-hong shot 10-of-11 in his season debut and scored 23 points as VL beat ETSN, which remained winless at 0-5.
(Lai Kuo-hong 23p, Yang Che-yi 19p, Chen Huei 17p+10rb, Lee Chi-yi 8p+12rb ; Yang Yu-min 27p)

Dec. 24

Yulon 96-61 BOT
Chang Yi-wen scored his season-high 28 points and led Yulon to the most lop-sided victory of the season.
(Chang Yi-wen 28p, Chou Shih-yuan 12p, Wu Chih-wei 12p ; Chien Ming-fu 16p+7rb, Ju Yong-hong 13p)

Dacin 90-75 Videoland
Tien Lei set personal season-high with 31 points on 11-of-19 shooting and led Dacin to its third consecutive win.
(Tien Lei 31p+8rb, Lin Yi-huei 17p, Cheng Chan-jun 16p, Su Yi-chieh 11p+7a ; Lee Chi-yi 16p+8rb, Lin Jia-huang 15p, Lin Shin-hwa 14p+7rb)

Taiwan Beer 94-79 YMY
Taiwan Beer won three straight. YMY rookie Chien Jia-hong had a career-high 20 points.
(Lin Chih-jay 28p+10rb, Wu Chih-yuan 15p+13rb, Chen Shih-nian 12p+6a, Ho Sho-jen 11p, Lee Wei-ming 11p ; Chien Jia-hong 20p, Lo Shin-liang 18p, Hong Chih-shan 13p, Chang Yu-lin 11p)

Yulon 5-1, Dacin 4-1, VL 3-2, TB 3-2, YMY 2-3, BOT 1-4, ETSN 0-5