Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Chen Hsin-an considers playing in Japan's BJ League

Min-sheng Daily reported Tuesday that Chen Hsin-an, who is a free agent, is considering to play in Japan, as Osaka Evessa of the BJ League has expressed strong interest to sign him.

The report quoted Chen as saying, "There's a 50% chance I might play in Japan." But Chen is still worrying about his knee.

If Chen agrees to join Osaka Evessa, he will fly to Japan for a tryout and physical as soon as early February, the report said.

Osaka is now 12-4 and one game behind Niigata in the BJ League standings.

Chen orally agreed to a three-year, NT$ 15M contract with ETSN last year but failed to sign the final contract due to mutual disagreement after injuring his knee in a training tour with the national team in China.

Chen announced he would not play in the 2005-06 SBL season in order to nurse his knee injury. Rumors say he is possible to re-sign with his former team Yulon Dinos.