Tuesday, January 17, 2006

SBL Week 6 - TB ties Yulon ; BOT wins 4 straight

Once again it's a surprising week for the SBL. Perennial doormat Bank of Taiwan shocked Dacin and Videoland in the same week and was riding on a 4-game winning streak -- the first time in team history. Taiwan Beer edged Yulon 65-59 in the final game of the week to tie Yulon at the top of the standings and snapped a 5-game losing streak to the Dinos.

Dacin Tigers suffered its first three-game losing streak in SBL history and tied with BOT and Videoland at 6-6. Dacin gave up an average of 92.3 points in three defeats.

Something stays the same as YMY keeps losing, currently on a 9-game losing streak.

Jan. 13
TB 100-84 YMY (Lin Chi-jay 35p+4a+4s, Lee Wei-min 16p ; Chang Yu-lin 29p, Lo Shin-liang 13p)
Lin Chih-jay countered YMY's Chang Yu-lin, who scored a career-high 29 points, with his season-high 35 points and, most importantly, came away with a big win.

VL 94-85 Dacin (Lee Chi-yi 20p+12rb, Chen Huei 17p, Yang Che-yi 16p+8rb ; Wang Chih-chun 32p, Lee Fong-yong 16p+11rb+6blks)
Wang Chih-chun made 8 threes en route to his career-high 32 points but Dacin still relied way too much on the three-pointers, shooting an eye-popping 46 times behind the arc and making 15; they only had 22 field-goal attempts inside the arc.

Jan. 14
Yulon 86-74 ETSN (Tsun Wen-din 18p+12rb+5blks, Chen Chih-chun 13p, Lee Hsueh-lin 13p ; Wu Jun-hsiung 18p+9rb, Yang Yu-min 17p)
VL 97-90 YMY (Chen Huei 20p+6a, Yang Che-yi 17p ; Lo Shin-liang 24p, Wang Chuan-jian 24p)
VL made 13 threes in the close win.
BOT 88-82 Dacin (Chuan Hsiao-wen 21p, Yua Yin-li 15p, Wu Yong-jen 14p ; Tien Lei 28p+11rb+5a, Lin Yi-huei 15p)
BOT came from behind with a 30-17 fourth quarter rally.

Jan. 15
ETSN 79-74 YMY (Yang Yu-min 21p ; Chen Shi-jay 24p, Lo Shin-liang 17p)
YMY lost its 9th straight game.
BOT 78-65 VL (Lin Chun-feng 26p+8rb, Wu Yong-jen 14p+8rb+7a ; Yang Che-yi 17p)
TB 65-59 Yulon (Lin Chi-jay 18p, Wu Chih-yuan 8p+14rb, Shan Wei-fan 11p ; Tsun Wen-din 15p+19rb)
Shan We-fan scored 7 points in the last minute to help TB snap a 5-game losing streak to Yulon. Yulon committed 23 turnovers as a team, which is unusal for the two-time defending champ.

Yulon 9-3, TB 9-3, BOT 6-6, Dacin 6-6, VL 6-6, ETSN 4-8, YMY 2-10