Sunday, February 12, 2006

SBL All-Star Game: Tsun Wen-din wins MVP, Red Team beat White Team 140-136

Yulon center Tsun Wen-din had 28 points and 11 rebounds and led Team Red Knight to a close 140-136 victory over Team White Knight in the annual SBL All-Star Game. Tsun was voted the Most Valuable Player.

Red Team 140-136 White Team
Red: Tsun Wen-din 28p+11rb, Chien Ming-fu 15p, Yang Chin-min 15p, Wu Yong-jen 14p, Lu Cheng-ju 13p, Chen Chih-chun 12p, Cheng An-jay 11p, Chou Shih-yuan 10p
White: Tien Lei 31p+10rb, Lo Shin-liang 22p, Yang Yu-min 20p, Che Shih-nian 14p, Wang Chih-chun 12p

*YMY forward Chang Yu-lin wins Slam Dunk Contest
Playoffs (Two dunks):
Chang Yu-lin(YMY) 99 points
Cheng Jen-wei(ETSN) 92 points
Wu Chih-yuan(TB) 89 points

First Round (Two Dunks):
Chang yu-lin 100 points
Wu Chih-yuan 97 points
Cheng Jen-wei 95 points
Hsu Wei-shen(Yulon)
Yua Yin-li(BOT)

*Yulon guard Lee Hsueh-lin wins Three-Point Shootout
Lee Hsueh-lin missed his first five attempts in the playoffs but made 17 of the final 20, edging out Dacin's Wang Chih-chun as the new Three-Point Shootout champion.

Lee Hsueh-lin(Yulon) 21 points
Wang Chih-chun(Dacin) 19 points
Wu Yong-jen(BOT) 18 points
Chou Shih-yuan(Yulon) 10 points

First Round:
Lee Hsueh-lin 19 points
Wu Yong-jen 18 points
Chou Shih-yuan 18 points
Wang Chih-chun 18 points
Hong Chih-shan(YMY) 17 points
Hsu Hao-cheng(TB) 16 points
Chen Li-wei(VL) 16 points
Wu Cheng-yu(VL) 15 points
Chuan Hsiao-wen 13 points
Zuo Tsun-kai(YMY) 11 points
Yang Yu-min(ETSN) 9 points
Shan Wei-fan(TB) 8 points
Hsu Tse-shin(ETSN) 8 points
Chang Chi-feng(Dacin) 3 points

*Former CBA player Rex Manu scored 32 points in Legends-Rookies Game
38 year-old Rex Manu, who played for Hong-kuo Elephants in the now-defunct professional league CBA(Chinese Basketball Alliance), scored 32 points as Legends beat Rookies 95-91 in the annual exhibition game which has become a part of the SBL All-Star weekend tradition.

Chen Hsin-an, who sits out the SBL this season as a free agent, was granted a special spot on the Rookies and scored a team-high 21 points.

Legends 95-91 Rookies
Legends: Rex Manu 32p, Chen Jian-chou 18p+6a, Hsu Chi-chao 15p
Rookies: Chen Hsin-an 21p, Cheng Jen-wei 13p