Sunday, February 26, 2006

YMY refuses to play, game forfeited

YMY refused to play after a fight broke out and a series of controversial calls in the game versus Bank of Taiwan Friday as the game was forfeited. According to the official rule, BOT won the game with the score of 20-0.

With 28.2 seconds to go in the first half, Chien Ming-fu of BOT and Lu Jia-hao of YMY engaged in a fist fight and players of both teams left bench in a chaotic scene.

However, only Chien and Lu were ejected by the refs. YMY claimed there should be more BOT players ejected for leaving bench and refused to play the game.

The game was called off 80 minutes later as the refs were unsure what to do. Local newspaper published Saturday described the game and the referees as "ridiculous".

CTBA will hold a special technical meeting later this week and make the final decision on penalty.