Wednesday, March 29, 2006

UBA men's and women's final four all set

Taiwan's college basketball tournament is a lot different from U.S. NCAA. In other words, it's very predictable. Powerhouses Taipei Physical Education College, Fujen University and National Taiwan Normal University all sent their men's and women's teams to the final four.

Men's final four: TPEC, Fujen Univ., NTCPE, NTNU
Women's final four: TPEC, Fujen Univ., NTNU, NCU

Men's Quarterfinal results:
(1) TPEC 119-98 (8) NTIT
(2) Fujen Univ. 89-70 (7) TNIT
(3) NTCPE 83-78 (6) NTUA
(5) NTNU 103-75 (4) NCU