Thursday, August 30, 2007

Report: Yen Hsin-shu comes out of retirement, signs with China's Yunnan

9510United Daily News reported that former Taiwan NT point guard Yen Hsin-shu came out of retirement and signed with China's Yunnan Honghe Running Bulls.

Yen, 30, retired three years ago at the peak of his career to try his luck in the entertainment business due to knee injury. He will play for Taiwan Beer in the 2007 Straits Cup, which will tip off tomorrow at Miaoli, before playing in China in the 2007-08 CBA season.

Yen played for BBC Mars, which was known as Videoland Hunters now, during the 2003-04 season -- the inaugural SBL season, before announcing early retirement. Before his early departure, Yen was considered one of Taiwan's top young point guards.

He is scheduled to report to Yunnan's training camp in mid-September and get ready for the season that starts in November. Yen said that he is now only 50 percent of where he was but he is confident to be ready for the CBA action before the season opens.

"Hopefully, I can play another three to five years, " he said.