Monday, May 19, 2008

Rosters of 2008 Jones Cup and women's Olympic qualifers

-- Taiwan 15-man roster for Olympic women's qualifying tournament (June 9-15, Madrid, Spain)

Chien Wei-chuan
Cheng Hui-yun
Chiang Feng-chun
Wu Min-fang
Lee Wan-ting
Ma I-hung
Chu Yung-hsuan
Lin Hui-mei
Lin Chi-wen
Liu Chia-hsiu
Tsai Pei-chen
Wen Chi
Liu I-chun
Chen Yu-chun
Huang Fan-shan

Head coach: Hung Ling-yao

-- Preliminary 24-man roster for the 2008 William Jones Cup tournament (Taipei, Taiwan)

Chen Chih-chung
Chen Shih-nian
Hsu Hao-cheng
Wang Chih-chun
Lee Hsueh-lin
Chang Chih-fung
Yang Ching-min
Chen Hsin-an
Lin Chih-chieh
Ouyang Ching-heng
Yang Che-yi
Hsu Chih-chian
Lin Ching-pang
Ho Shou-cheng
Lin Yi-hui
Wu Chian-lung
Lu Cheng-ju
Wu Tai-hao
Tseng Wen-ting
Chian Chia-hung
Lee Chi-yi
Lee Fung-yong
Yue Ying-li
Chen Tzu-wei

Head coach: Chung Kwon Suk
Assistants: Chou Jun-san, Cheng Chih-lung

However, four players from Taiwan Beer, including Lin Chih-chieh, Wu Tai-hao, Chen Shih-nian and Ho Shou-cheng, have withdran from the team due to injuries, making the roster down to 20 players. It was reported that CTBA is considering to recruit Pure Youth swingman James Mao.

By the way, the tournament is going into its 30th year

Official website of the 2008 Jones Cup: (Chinese)

Neither the participating teams, game schedule nor the time and venue have been announced yet. Which means, other than this prelim roster, I know NOTHING about this tournament...