Wednesday, June 04, 2008

2008 Kainan University International Basketball Invitational

A friend of mine reminded me that the tournament is going on in Taoyuan. Seven teams, including four from local universities and three from abroad, are playing in the 2008 Kainan University International Basketball Invitational, which is held in Luzhu Township, Taoyuan County, 20 kilometers south of Taipei, from June 2-5.

Participating teams:

Kainan University, Taiwan
National ChengChi University, Taiwan
National Sports University, Taiwan
National Central University, Taiwan
University of British Columbia, Canada
University of Toronto, Canada
Hyogo Prefectural University, Japan

There are a couple of Taiwanese universities holding international basketball tournaments every year, which is not an easy task because hosting the games would cost them some money. The interesting thing is, I find, these hosting schools are not big-time basketball schools or well-known universities. Their dedication and commitment surely deserve press coverage.