Saturday, May 05, 2012

Cathay Life wins Taiwan women's title – Yes, again


Cathay Life won another Taiwan women's league title yesterday, and it would not surprise anyone.

Cathay Life routed Chunghwa Telecom 65-45 to win the best-of-three 2012 WSBL title 2-0, taking home its 19th league title (A-League and WSBL combined) in team history.

Huang Fan-shan led Cathay Life with 13 points. Chiang Feng-chun had 12 and 11 and Huang Pin-cheng added 11.

國泰黃品蓁今天在冠軍戰出戰老東家中華電信攻得11分Chunghwa Telecom was paced by Hsu Chien-hui's 19 points.

In Game 1 of the WSBL Finals, Cathay Life also pounded its rival with the score of 77-54, with Chian Feng-chun leading the team with 16 points and 14 rebounds. Lan Hao-yu added 16.

Hsu Chien-hui was the only weapon Chunghwa Telecom had to counter Cathay. She scored 26.

Veteran Ma Yi-hung had 52 points and 24 rebounds in two games as Taiyaun Textile beat Taipower 2-0 in the third place series.

Ma had 30 and 12 in Game 1 in Taiyuan's 65-62 escape and tallied 22 points, 12 boards and 6 assists in the 68-57 win in Game 2.

Center Lin Chih-wen had 19 and 8 in Game 1 and 11 and 10 in Game 2 for Taipower.

The way Cathay Life was able to dominate Taiwan's women's basketball has reflected two facts – that the team investing the most would get its return; and that Taiwanese women's basketball has been so pathetic that a team would be almost guaranteed with a title year after year.

2012 WSBL regular season standing:

1. Cathay Life 16-2
2. Chunghwa Telecom 8-10
3. Taipower 6-12
4. Taiyuan Textile 6-12