Friday, July 23, 1999

22nd William Jones Cup Primer

Place:Taipei, Taiwan
Venue:Taipei Physical Education College Gymnasium(Capacity:3500)

Men's Competition:August 2-August 7
Participating Teams(8)
Group A:Taiwan National
Iloilo Megavoltz(Metropolitan Basketball Association, Philippines)
Costa Rica National
South Africa National
Group B:Taiwan National Second Team
Iran National
New Zealand National
Korea National

Competition System:
Teams divided to two groups, playing a single-round robin preliminary
round to determine the ranking. Top two teams advance to semi-finals.
In the Semi-finals it will be B1 vs A2 and B2 vs A1, with winners
advancing to the championship game. Losers play for third place. Teams
that fail to advance play a consolation round(5th-8th).

Among the participating teams, Taiwan National, Korea National and Iran
National will head for Asian Championship held in Fukuoka, Japan(August
28-September 5) right after the tournament.

Women's Competition:July 27-July 31
Participating Teams:(5)
Taiwan National
Canada National
New Zealand National
Japan National
Australia National

Competition System: Single round robin to decide the final ranking.