Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Red Team Wins Windy City Hoop Festival

With import Joe Temple's 34 points leading the way, Red Team defeated White Team 89-87 in the " Windy City Hoop Festival " on July 11th. Tremaine Wingfield paced the White Team with a 33 points, 16 rebounds effort.

The exhibition game marked the first time since mid-March, when the CBA(Chinese Basketball Alliance) suspended its season indefinitely, that a game consisted of all-pro players is played in Taiwan. The game was played in Sinchu, a.k.a. " Windy City " because of its year round
strong wind.

Joe Temple(U. of San Diego) scored ten quick points in the first quarter, helping the Red Team to 48-46 halftime lead. His combination of penetrating and red-hot outside shooting(6-11 3PT) proved too hard for White Team to overcome one-on-one.

Tremaine Wingfield(U. of Texas) used his relentless style of play as usual. His game-high 9 offensive rebound and numerous putbacks underneath helped White Team clinged to single-digit deficit throughout the game. Wingfield's last shot with 3 seconds remaining narrowly missed the rim.

The local CBA players who had been selected to the national team did not participate because they are in the pre-Asian Championship training camp right now.

Temple and Wingfield are the only two imports in Taiwan at this moment. They will accompany Red and White team, respectively, in the 4-team "CBA Elite Four Tournament"(July 14-25) to play the National Team and Natinal Second Team. CBA and CTBA(Chinese Taipei Basketball Association) jointly organize the tournament to help National Team's training while keep testing the local fans' response for CBA's resurgence.

Rumors say the league will be back in action in the end of the year.