Monday, July 19, 1999

CBA Elite Four Tournament

July 14--Taiwan National 96-92 CBA Red Team
Taiwan National: Lo Shin-liang 23p(5-9 3PT), Chen Hsin-an 21p, Huan Chun-shiung 12p, 9rb, 4a
CBA Red: Joe Temple 35p(14-26 FG), 6rb, Conant Chu 10p, Sun Kuo-chan 9p,11rb,4a

(Note)5-11 Conant Chu is an American-born Chinese who played college ball in US Division II
UC-Davis. He joined CBA's Hong-kuo Elephants in 1994 and played pro ball in Taiwan ever since.
He is a backup PG both in UC-Davis and Hong-kuo.

July 15--CBA White Team 115-108 National Second Team
CBA White: Tremain Wingfield 21p(9-14FG), 8rb, Lin Chen-ta 16p
National Second Team: Chen Chen-cho 18p, Lin Shin-hua 15p, Chen Hui 15p

July 17--CBA White 84-83 CBA Red
CBA White: Dongfang Che Ter 21p, Cho Hi-jun 18p, Tremain Wingfield 7p,3a
(Wingfield played only 7 minutes because of sprained ankles.)
CBA Red: Joe Temple 28p,16rb, Conant Chu 17p
Taiwan National 112-97 National Second
Taiwan National: Lo Shin-liang 34p(7-11 3PT), Cho Hong-yu 18p, Chiu Chi-yi 17p
National Second: Shan Wei-fan 24p,8rb

July 18--CBA Red 92-89 National Second
CBA Red: Joe Temple 27p,8rb, Sun Kuo-chan 15p,6rb
National Second: Lin Chia-huang 19p, Chen Jian-cho 19p,10rb
Taiwan National 105-80 CBA White
National:Lo Shin-liang 24p(10-16 FG), Huang Chun-shiung 22p,12rb
CBA White: Chen Tze-min 17p,6rb, Dongfang Che Ter 13p(Wingfield DNP-injury)

Preliminary Games Standing
Taiwan National(3-0), CBA White(2-1), CBA Red(1-2), National Second(0-3)

Second Round Games next week:
Game1:#1 Taiwan National vs. #4 National Second, Game2:#2 CBA White vs. #3 CBA Red
Winners advance to championship game, losers settle for consolation game

League update
During the CBA Elite Four Tournament, several team managers expressed their concerns toward the league's slow re-structure development. It's believed the owners had reached a tentative agreement back in May to re-start the league in November. While numerous players' contracts expire this summer and the future is nowhere to be found, team managers still don't know how to approach
their players for contract negotiation.

Player News
19-year-old sensation Chen Hsin-an received his first U.S. college recruiting letter from Cal State-Fullerton last week. 6-3 1/2 Chen, nicknamed "Prince of Dunk", hopes he can be the first Taiwan basketball player to compete in NCAA division I. Cal State-Northridge and University of Pittsburgh are also interested in Chen.

Already dubbed as "Taiwan basketball savior", Chen Hsin-an was named "Most promising junior players in Asia" by Asian Basketball Confederation in 1998, along with China's 7-5 giant Yao Ming.