Thursday, August 23, 2001

Day 7: Taiwan NT Upset Russia

Led by Lin Jia-huang and Chen Hsin-an, Taiwan NT made 9 of 19 three-point shots to overcome a 10-point halftime deficit and upset Russia 87-77 yesterday. Russia suffers its first loss in the tournament.

Taiwan stays undefeated and waits for the results of South Korea-Russia game today. If Korea defeats Russia, Taiwan will battle with South Korea for the tournament championship in tomorrow tournament finale. If Russia defeats Korea and Korea lose again to Taiwan tomorrow, three teams tie at 6-1. The tiebreaker will be the scored/scored against ratio.

Taiwan 87-77 Russia (Half 40-50)
TW - Lin Jia-huang 17p ; Chen Hsin-an 17p ; Tien Lei 14p ; Yang Yu-min 10p
RUS - Alexandre Chernov 16p, 5rb, 5a ; Vladimir Pevnev 15p, 11rb ; Andrei Olbreht 11p ; Konstantin Guerassimov 12p

Honduras 92-81 Mongolia
HON - Carlos Ruiz 10p, 13rb(9 ORB) ; Francisco Trochez 19p ; Harry Milson 13p ; Selvin Connor 13p
MGL - Tuvshinbayar Tygarvaa 27p, 6rb, 8a, 4s

Canada 85-60 South Africa
CAN - Sandy Bisaro 21p, 13rb, 3blk ; Orlando Ferguson 16p ; Etienne Orr-Ewing 14p, 11rb ; Josh Payne 16p
SA - Thuso Moiloa 12p, 5rb

Taiwan 6-0
South Korea 5-0
Russia 4-1
Philippines 3-2
Honduras 2-3
Canada 2-4
Mongolia 0-6
South Africa 0-6