Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Day 5: Taiwan, Korea and Russia Undefeated

Son Gyu-wan sinked 11 three-pointers on his way to 37 points and tie the all-time Jones Cup record in 3PT-made as South Korea pounded Canada 92-65 to its fourth straight victory. Russia, which beat Mongolia 103-73, South Korea and host team Taiwan are all 4-0 and the only undefeated teams.

Christopher Clay of Philippines celebrated his 29-year-old birthday by scoring 22 points and pulling down 10 rebounds. Philippines beat South Africa 95-67 and is one step behind the leading group with a 3-1 record. Meanwhile, Canada, South Africa and Mongolia are still looking for their first win.

Russia 103-73 Mongolia
RUS - Konstantin Guerassimov 21p ; Vladimir Pevnev 14p ; Maxim Pertsev 13p, 6a
MGL - Orgil Undarmaa 15p ; Tuvshinbayar Tygarvaa 13p, 10rb, 6a

Philippines 95-67 South Africa
PHI - Christopher Clay 22p, 10rb, 4a, 4s ; Jeffrey Flowers 18p, 9rb ; Oscar Simon 13p
SAF - Thuso Moiloa 19p, 8rb ; Florshein Ngwenya 10p

South Korea 92-65 Canada
KOR - Son Gyu-wan 39p (11-13 3PT)

Taiwan 4-0
South Korea 4-0
Russia 4-0
Philippines 3-1
Honduras 1-2
Canada 0-4
Mongolia 0-4
South Africa 0-5