Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Day 6: Yang and Chen Lead Taiwan Past Honduras

Yang Yu-min and Chen Hsin-an staged an unbelievable three-point exhibition by scored 30 and 28 points respectively to lead Taiwan past Honduras 90-77 yesterday. South Korea edged Philippines 97-88 in a temper-flying battle. South Korea and Taiwan are both 5-0.

In spite of their height disadvantage, Taiwan NT makes up with a swift passing and hot outside shooting by making 15 of 32 three-point attempts, including Yang Yu-min's 7 of 14 and Chen's 6 of 8. Taiwan NT dished out 25 assists in the game and found their shooters time and time again, finally opened up the game in the second half, when they outscored Honduras 53-38 and change the momentum.

In the previous game, which almost resulted in a brawl on several occasions, South Korea overcame an 11-point first half deficit and beat Philippines by 9. Swingman Jin Kyung-suk scored 27 points and limited Philippines top scorer Christopher Clay to ONLY 21 points. Temper flied in the game for both teams. There are flying-elbows, flagrant fouls, face-to-face confrontations everywhere, mostly because the referees failed to control the game from the start and let both team get away with too many cheap-shots.

Canada 97-64 Mongolia
CAN - Nathan Ashmead 19p, 8rb ; Shaun Doherty 13p, 4a ; Sandy Bisaro 12p, 6rb
MGL - Tuvshinbayar Tygarvaa 31p, 7rb ; Otgonbayar Maghaidorj 15p

South Korea 97-88 Philippines
KOR - Jin Kyung-suk 27p(7-12 3PT) ; Yoon Young-pil 27p ; Son Gyu-wan 10p ; Hwang Sung-in 9p, 7a
PHI - Jeffrey Flowers 27p, 8rb ; Christopher Clay 21p, 7a ; Ranidel De Ocampo 10p, 6rb

Taiwan 90-77 Honduras
TW - Yang Yu-min 30p(7-14 3PT), 4a ; Chen Hsin-an 28p(6-8 3PT), 4a ; Chen Chih-chung 12p, 8a, 3s ; Yen Shin-shu 5a
HON - Francisco Trochez 19p ; Pedro Ferron 19p, 11rb ; Cesar Estlign 16p, 5rb, 3a, 5s

Taiwan 5-0
South Korea 5-0
Russia 4-0
Philippines 3-2
Honduras 1-3
Canada 1-4
Mongolia 0-5
South Africa 0-5