Saturday, March 09, 2002

2002 HBL Honor Roll

■Official Awards presented by Chinese Taipei High School Sports Federation:
MVP - TSUN WEN-DIN (Tsai-shin HS, 204cm)
Freshman of the Year - WANG CHUAN-JIAN (Kao-yuan HS, 193cm)

■Stats Leader:
Scoring - LEE CHI-MING (Pin-tung HS, 177cm, SG)
Rebounding - CHANG SHAO-AN (Pin-tung HS, 190cm, C)
Blocked Shots - TSUN WEN-DIN (Tsai-shin HS, 204cm, C)
Assists - KAO TIEN-CHI (Yi-lan HS, 176cm, PG)
Steals - CHOU SHI-YUAN (San-min HS, 190cm, F)

■My Honor Roll

First Team
PG - CHEN SHI-NIAN (Chan-shu HS, 181cm, Senior)
SG - LEE CHI-MING (Pin-tung HS, 177cm, Senior)
C - TSUN WEN-DIN (Tsai-shin HS, 204cm, Senior)
PF - WANG CHUAN-JIAN (Kao-yuan HS, 193cm, Freshman)
SF - CHOU SHI-YUAN (San-min HS, 190cm, Senior)

Second Team
PG - KAO TIEN-CHI (Yi-lan HS, 176cm, Senior), CHANG YI-WEN (Tsai-shin HS, 183cm, Senior)
SG - CHEN SHI-JAY (Tsai-shin HS, 173cm, Sophomore)
C - WU DAI-HAO (Tsai-shin HS, 202cm, Sophomore)
PF - HUANG CHI-FENG (Shin-yung HS, 192cm, Senior)
SF - YANG JIN-MIN (Nan-shan HS, 190cm, Senior)

Sixth Man of the Year - LO JUN-CHENG (Tsai-shin HS, 195cm, Senior)
Coach of the Year - TIEN BEN-YU (Shin-yung HS)...for taking a less-talented team to as far as they could, for bring out the best of her players when nobody noticed them...