Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Chen Hsin-an Lead TPEC to UBA Title

With three NT members in the starting lineup, Taipei Physical Education College beat Taiwan Art College to win the seventh straight UBA (University Basketball Association) title.

TPEC, who has Chen Hsin-an, Wu Chih-wei and Lee Chi-yi - all NT players - beat Taiwan Art College in both games of the Finals and now increases its winning streak to an eye-popping 64 games.

Led by NT shooting guard Yang Yu-min, Fu-jen University defeated National Physical Education College (NPEC) in the third-place series.

Taiwan Normal University, which features NT member Tien Lei, Ho Sho-jen and A-League players like Wu Yong-jen and Hsu Chen-wen, had a disappointing 6th-place finish. But the school's future looks bright since all four are still freshmen.

Chinese Culture University defeated Taiwan Normal University to finish 5th.