Saturday, March 09, 2002

Twin Towers Lead Tsai-shin to 2002 HBL Title

204cm Tsun Wen-din and 202cm Wu Dai-hao, the tallest frontline in Taiwan high school basketball history and two of the youngest NT members ever, led heavily-favored Tsai-shin HS to the first title since 1998 as expected. Tsai-shin beat Kao-yuan HS in both games of the two-game series, winning 65-60 in Game 1 (March 2) and 76-42 in Game 2 (March 3).

Tsun Wen-din was a man among the boys in the championship series, averaging 21 points, 11 rebounds, 3 assists and an eye-popping 7 blocks. Meanwhile, sophomore Wu Dai-hao averaged 13.5 points and 7 rebounds in two games.

With its 12-0 record, Tsai-shin HS completed an undefeated season, duplicating a feat that the school also had in 1998 season, when they won 21 straight en route to the first champion in school history.

Chan-shu HS, led by talented 181cm PG Chen Shi-nian, defeated Yi-lan HS and took home the second third-place trophy in school history. Chan-shu beat Yilan by 16 points in the first game and lost by 2 in the second. According to the special two-game format, Chan-shu won the third-place by the better won-lost margin (+14).

**Championship Series
Game 1: Tsai-shin 65-60 Kao-yuan
Tsai-shin - Tsun Wen-din 23p+10rb+3a+2s+6blk, Chen Hao-tser 12p, Wu Dai-hao 11p+9rb+6s
Kao-yuan - Wu Kun-nan 13p, Wang Chuan-jian 12p+13rb+3a+2blk, Hu Jin-shun 12p

Game 2: Tsai-shin 76-42 Kao-yuan
Tsai-shin - Tsun Wen-din 19p+12rb+3a+8blk
Kao-yuan - Wang Chuan-jian 13p+11rb+6blk, Hsu Chao-liang 11p

**Third-place Series
Game 1: Chan-shu 89-73 Yi-lan
Chan-shu - Lee Yi-ping 29p, Wu Jun-hsiung 25p+15rb+2blk, Chen Shi-nian 8p+10rb+9a+3s, Lin Chih-tsun 14p+8a
Yi-lan - Wang Nan-kwei 17p, Chen Kuo-wei 17p, Kao Tien-chi 7p+12a+4s, Lin Chih-lung 14p+5a

Game 2: Yi-lan 58-56 Chan-shu
Yi-lan - Hsu Chin-yun 15p+6rb+4blk, Kao Tien-chi 12p+9rb+11a, Chen Kuo-wei 12p+12rb
Chan-shu - Lin Chih-tsun 16p+4s, Chen Shi-nian 9p+6a+4s