Monday, August 19, 2002

Chen Hsin-an chase the NBA dream

Chen Hsin-an, viewed as the best Taiwanese player, surprisingly dropped out of the NT just before the team's departure to Philippines, for the six-game preparation tour of the upcoming Asian Games. Chen is expected to join the Sacramento Kings' pre-season training camp and chase for his long time dream of playing in the NBA.

CTBA and NT coaching staff have been aware of the fact that Chen received the invitation from the Kings - with the help of Kings' international scout Jack Mai. Both parties have been also gone back and forth with Chen about his final decision in the past month. Of course, CTBA and NT coaches want Chen to play in the Asian Games first before thinking about the NBA.

Shecked and disappointed by Chen's decision, CTBA will probably hand down the sanction on Chen. Maybe it's a one-year ban on A-League, or one-year ban on playing for the NT. The final decision will be made in the CTBA meetings next week.

Along with Yao Ming, Chen Hsin-an was named by Asian Basketball Confederation in 1998 as the most promising Asian junior players. Chen received the invitation from NIKE HOOP SUMMIT, NIKE All-American Camp and the recruiting letter from U.S. college. But he was not able to go because of his A-League team Yulon's insistance and various reason.

Until early this year, Chen finally set his foot on U.S. soil when he went to practice with NBDL's Mobile Revellers for 10 days.

Without Chen, the best offensive player on the team to break down opponents' defense, Taiwan NT's future in the Asian Games is even dimmer. In ;ast year's ABC Championship, Taiwan NT finished for the seventh place - the worst ranking in Asian tournaments for the last 10 years.