Monday, August 19, 2002

Taiwan HS All-Stars wins Inter-HS Tournament

Led by C Wu Jun-hsiung and PG Chen Shih-nian, Taiwan HS All-Stars overcame a doube-digit deficit in the first quarter to beat Korea's Whimoon, 64-59, and win the 2002 International High School Invitational Tournament. 203cm C Sosuke Takeuchi had 28 points and 17 rebounds as Japan's Rakunan beat Tsaishin HS for the third-place.

The battle for these youngsters doesn't end right here. Many of them are expected to be selected to the junior national teams and meet again in December's ABC Junior Championship in Kuwait.

My selection for the All-Tournament Team is:
F: Yang Chin-min(187cm, 78kg), HS All-Stars, Taiwan
F: Kim Sun-ki(190cm, 78kg), Whimoon, Korea
C: Kosuke Takeuchi(203cm, 89kg), Rakunan, Japan
G: Chen Shih-nian(180cm, 74kg), HS All-Stars, Taiwan
G: Shin Jae-rok(192cm, 78kg), Whimoon, Korea

Day 4 - Playoffs
Final: Taiwan HS All-Stars 64-59 Whimoon(Half 28-28)
All-Stars - Wu Jun-hsiung 18p, Chen Shih-nain 15p+4a+5s, Yang Chin-min 12p+7rb+4a+3s
Whimoon - Shin Jae-rok 20p, Kim Jin-su 12p+5rb, Kim Jae-hwan 6p+13rb, Park Sun-hun 10p

3rd-place: Rakunan 79-69 Tsaishin(Half 36-23)
Rakunan - Kosuke Takeuchi 28p+17rb+2blk, Akio Fukao 19p+10rb+4a, Joji Takeuchi 11p+12rb, Kohei Namoto 10p+4a
Tsaishin - Chen Shi-jay 23p, Chen Hao-tze 16p

Day 3 - 8/17
Taiwan HS All-Stars 79-64 Tsaishin
All-Stars - Yang Chin-min 15p, Huang Chi-feng 15p, Chen Shih-nian 5p+7a
Tsaishin - Chen Shi-jay 14p+7rb, CHen Hao-tze 11p

Whimoon 83-78 Rakunan
Whimoon - Kim Jin-su 20p, Shin Jae-rok 19p+6a, Kim Sun-ki 18p+5rb
Rakunan - Kosuke Takeuchi 29p+13rb+3blk, Joji Takeuchi 21p+9rb

Day 2 - 8/16
Tsaishin 63-62 Rakunan
Tsaishin - Chen Shi-jay 21p+6rb
Rakunan - Kosuke Takeuchi 20p+14rb+5blk, Tatsuhiro Yokoo 16p+5a, Akio Fukao 13p

Taiwan HS All-Stars 82-77 Whimoon
All-Stars - Lin Kuan-lun 21p, Chen Shih-nian 17p+7a+7s, Huang Chi-feng 14p
Whimoon - Kim Sun-ki 27p+6s, Shin Jae-rok 24p, LeeWon-ku 16p

Women's competition:
Tamshui upset Taiwan HS All-Stars 70-67 to win the women's title. Japan All-Stars edged Eunkwang of Korea for the third-place.