Saturday, April 03, 2004

Jutai keeps postseason hope alive

Yang Yu-min tallied his season-high 33 points as Jutai routed Taiwan Beer 97-77 tonight to keep their postseason hope alive. Dacin clinched the No.3 seed after beating Yulon 85-77.

Jutai finished the season 12-12 but has to rely on SINA’s victory over Mars tomorrow to advance to the playoffs as the No.4 seed. Mars will advance to the playoffs if they beat SINA.

More than likely, Jutai will be out of the playoffs.

The first round playoffs matchups will be No.1 Yulon vs. No.4 Mars (or Jutai) and No.2 SINA vs. No.3 Dacin, both in best-of-three format. Playoffs will start on April 8.

Jutai 97-77 Taiwan Beer (Half 51-35)
Jutai - Yang Yu-min 33p+5a, Wu Dai-hao 16p+7rb+4a+3blk, Hsu Tse-shin 14p, O-Yang Jin-hen 12p, Shan Wei-fan 10p+15rb
TB - Lin Chih-jay 27p+6p+3a, Chen Jian-chou 12p+8rb, Liao Wei-chen 10p, Chen Shih-nian 8p+7rb+8a+3s

Dacin 85-77 Yulon (Half 44-32)
Dacin - Tien Lei 25p+13rb+2s+2blk, Chang Chi-feng 16p, Lee Fong-yong 15p+8rb, Hsu Chi-chao 15p+6rb
Yulon - Chou Hong-yu 16p+6rb, Chou Shih-yuan 14p, Lee Chih-ming 11p+8a, Chen Hsin-an 8p

SINA 82-75 Bank of Taiwan (Half 47-33)
SINA - Hsu Yong-yi 19p, Lin Yu-shu 13p, Chen Shi-jay 10p, Kao Li-min 8p+8rb
BOT - Hsu Hao-cheng 19p+6a, Ju Yong-hong 19p+14rb, Chuang Xiao-wen 13p, Liu Che-lang 11p+7rb, Lin Chun-feng 10p