Sunday, April 04, 2004

SBL concludes regular season

The last day of the SBL regular season still give fans a lot surprises. Mars beat SINA 90-79 to grab the last playoff seed. Last-place Bank of Taiwan upset Taiwan Beer 91-73 in its last game.

Regular season standing:
1. Yulon 19-5; 2. SINA 14-10; 3. Dacin 13-11; 4. Mars 12-12; 5. Jutai 12-12; 6. Taiwan Beer 9-15; 7. Bank of Taiwan 5-19

The best-of-three first round playoffs will start on April 8th with No.1 Yulon takes on No.4 Mars. No.2 SINA meets No.3 Dacin on April 9th.

Mars 90-79 SINA (Half 59-40)
Mars - Lin Jia-huang 19p, Lee Chi-yi 18p+9rb, Lai Kuo-hong 18p+6rb, Yang Che-yi 12p+5rb+7a, Lin Shin-hwa 10p, Yen Shin-shu DNP
SINA - Chou Jun-san 20p+7a, Hsu Yong-yi 19p, Lo Shin-liang 14p

Bank of Taiwan 91-73 Taiwan Beer (Half 42-46)
BOT - Hsu Hao-cheng 27p+15rb+4a, Chuang Xiao-wen 15p, Chien Ming-fu 12p+7rb+4a, Lin Chun-feng 12p, Ju Yong-hong 10p+8rb+4a, Chou Ben-tang 8p+7rb+8blk
TB - Lin Chih-jay 32p+8rb, Chen Shih-nian 13p+6a, Pan Jen-der 9p, Lee Wei-min 7p+8rb+3s