Saturday, January 08, 2005

Inspiring win for ETSN, weird loss for Videoland

ETSN overcame the unexpected news of head coach Cheng Jin-cheng's resignation and beat Sina 96-73 on Saturday. On the same day, league-leading Videoland experienced a weird loss that even themsleves couldn't explain, losing to Yulon 86-63.

Videoland failed to make a single attempt in the first quarter, when they missed all 11 field goal attempts and could only made 8 of 12 free-throws. Yulon opened up the game with the 25-8 quarter and handed Videoland their second loss of the season.

Cheng Jin-cheng, whose demanding style drew various complaints from players, cited personal reasons and resigned before Saturday. ETSN named assistant Liu Hwa-lin, the head coach of last season, as the interim head coach.

ETSN 96-73 Sina
ETSN - Yang Yu-ming 18p, Wu Dai-hao 18p+9rb, Liao Wei-cheng 16p, Chou Jun-san 12p
Sina - Lo Shin-liang 21p

Yulon 86-63 Videoland
Yulon - Chou Shi-yuan 18p, Lee Hsueh-lin 17p+7rb, Wu Chih-wei 11p
VL - Wu Cheng-yu 21p(5 3PT)

Yulon 96-83 Bank of Taiwan
Yulon - Chou Shi-yuan 21p, Chiu Chi-yi 16p, Tsun Wen-din 14p+12rb, Chen Chih-chun 14p+5a
BOT - Yang Chin-min 28p, Cheng An-jay 22p+10rb

Taiwan Beer 68-66 Dacin
TB - Lin Chi-jay 22p+11rb, Ha Hsiao-yuan 20p+7rb, Chen Shi-nian 12p
Dacin - Tien Lei 10p+7rb, Yen Jia-wei 16p, Chang Chi-feng 16p, Wang Chi-chun 10p+12rb

VL 5-2, Yulon 4-2, TB 4-2, ETSN 3-2, Dacin 2-3, BOT 2-4, Sina 0-5