Saturday, January 01, 2005

Videoland edges Sina to win five straight

Yang Che-yi scored 22 points to lead Videoland past Sina 77-73 on New Year’s Eve and extended its winning streak to five games. Sina, on the other hand, was still the only winless team, losing all four games.

Yang Yu-min tied SBL season high with 35 points for ETSN in an 81-73 victory over bank of Taiwan. With 40.4 seconds remaining, Yang made a layup and the bonus free-throw after being fouled by BOT’s Chuan Hsiao-wen. Yang’s game-deciding three points extended ETSN lead to 78-71.

Videoland 77-73 Sina
VL – Yang Che-yi 22p, Lin Jia-huang 15p, Chen Huei 8p+7rb+8a
Sina – Chen Shi-jay 15p, Lo Shin-liang 13p, Liu Yi-hsiang 13p

ETSN 81-73 BOT
ETSN – Yang Yu-min 35p+10rb, Wu Dai-hao 15p+8rb, Wu Cheng-dao 16p
BOT – Lin Chun-feng 19p, Yang Chin-min 12p

Videoland 5-0, ETSN 2-1, BOT 2-2, Dacin 1-1, Yulon 1-2, TB 1-2, Sina 0-4