Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Beijing Aoshen completes 7-0 sweep in Taiwan tour

Beijing Aoshen, who was suspended in the 2004-05 Chinese CBA season, edged SBL defending champion Yulon 77-74 and completed its 7-0 sweep in the Taiwan tour.

With a starting lineup that averages 204cm, Aoshen beat every SBL team, winning the first six games by an impressive 20.6-point margin. Wing player Huo Nan is the best player in the series, averaging almost 20 points per game.

Yulon entered the game without four key players. Its best player Chen Hsin-an is playing in the ABA right now. Starting center Tsun Wen-din, experienced reserves Chiu Chi-yi and Wei Yong-tai all sat out the game because of injury.

But Yulon was ready. Its brilliant zone defense took away Aoshen’s inside play and challenged opponents’ every outside shots in the first half, when it twice led by 10 points.

Aoshen regained its momentum in the third quarter. Led by Huo Nan and 205cm PG Sun Yue, Aoshen rallied and led by 10 at one point. Yulon made a final run in the final five minutes. After Chou Shih-yuan’s consecutive jumpers, Yulon had the chance to win the game. However, a couple careless turnovers by Chou Shih-yuan let the opportunity slip away.

Chou Shih-yuan had game-high 27 points and 6 rebounds. Chen Chih-chun and Lee Hsueh-lin scored 16 respectively. Huo Nan led Aoshen with 23 points.

*Aoshen Game-by-game in Taiwan tour:
Game 7: Aoshen 77-74 Yulon Dinos
Game 6: Aoshen 76-67 Videoland Hnters
Game 5: Aoshen 82-65 Dacin Constructions
Game 4: Aoshen 87-73 ETSN Antelopes
Game 3: Aoshen 84-65 Bank of Taiwan
Game 2: Aoshen 97-83 Taiwan Beer
Game 1: Aoshen 104-59 Sina Lions