Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Chen Hsin-an remains un-signed

Two months after leaving Yulon, Chen Hsin-an still hasn't signed his name on the dotted line. Chen is hesitant about signing contract with ETSN due to mutual disagreement.
It is quite simple. ETSN wants to own every bit of Chen, including his right of portrait. It thinks, for 15 millions, it has to own every bit of Chen. Chen wants to reserve his right of playing in the U.S. minor leagues like NBADL or CBA. ETSN disagrees. It's basically why negotiation is standing still after two months.
ETSN is also paying close attention to Chen's knee injury rehab. It is Chen's second knee injury in six months.
For now, the situation hasn't changed a bit. Chen doesn't want to back down, nor does ETSN. It is sad to see the best player in Taiwan remains unsigned two months before the season.
Observers think Chen is possible to go back to Yulon if he fails to agree to terms with ETSN.
Resources reported Chen left Yulon to sign with ETSN for three years and 15 million NTD on August 4th.