Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Taiwan NT ready for East Asian Games, barely

Taiwanese basketball is so quiet you think it's dead. Well, not really. A handful of journalists, me included, are still sober enough to remember East Asian Games is right ahead.
The bi-annual games will take place in Macao starting October 29th. Coming off an embarrassing 9th-place finish in Asian Championship, this is the last chance for Taiwan NT to garner some self-confidence before the new year comes.
However injuries keep piling up. Tien Lei broke his right little finger in National Games last week and was in a cast. He said he will try to play through the injury in EAG. Yang Chin-min have a swollen lymph nodes, which should heal before the EAG.
Seven countries will play in the EAG, including Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, Macao, Hong Kong and Mongolia. The teams will play under single round robin as top four advance to the semifinals. If there's no major upset, Taiwan, China, Japan and South Korea are expected to make the final four.