Monday, October 03, 2005

Taiwan basketball briefs

-- SBL committee set the maximum for player monthly salary at 120,000 NTD on September 30. The decision came after ETSN reportedly signed Chen Hsin-an away from Yulon for 15 million for three years, thus making Chen the highest-paid basketball player in Taiwan. Teams are concerned player salary will skyrocket after Chen's case
Interesting thing is: Chen hasn't officially signed with ETSN because of several mutual disagreement. And for whatever reason, the SBL committee didn't set the minimum monthly wage.
Another big problem emerges. Yulon re-signed almost all of its players after Chen's departure with most contracts surpassing the SBL 120,000 limit. ETSN signed Yang Yu-ming for 250,000 NTD per month last week, which is also over the SBL limit. How can teams change signed-contracts? No one knows.
And you can almost assured that teams will be paying under-table money to its top players in order to keep them. The maximum monthly salary rule means nothing to average to low-end players.
Looks like the SBL always makes some dumb decisions.
-- ESPN Taiwan will pay 35 millions for the TV rights in the upcoming third SBL season, but will share rights with Videoland and ETSN. This is another interesting story that gives you a glimpse of the chaotic scene of Taiwanese basketball.
-- Taiwan NT lost its first warmup games in Korea 90-78 to KBL's TG. Yang Che-yi led the team with 21 points. Tsun Wen-din and Lee Hsueh-lin scored 16 each. Only nine players suit up for the game. Tien Lei sat out the game because of knee injury. Yang Yu-ming didn't go to Korea with the team due to fever. The team will play five games in Korea for the preparation for the East Asian Games.