Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Five teams consider leaving SBL, setting up new league

A rumor saying that five teams consider leaving SBL and establishing a new league will be on the table again as the CTBA convenes a SBL Committee meeting Wednesday to discuss the league's future and try to smooth out the differences between SBL teams and the federation.

Local news reported in mid-April that five teams -- ETSN, Videoland, Bank of Taiwan, Taiwan Beer and YMY -- talked in private about establishing a new league. The rumor, however, was put out during the SBL playoffs in the past few weeks.

Dacin Tigers, owned by CTBA President Wang Jen-da, was obviously left out by the five-team group which wants to break free. Wang said Dacin would not join the proposed new league, which is possible to be named Taiwan Basketball League (TBL).

As usual, three-time SBL champion Yulon Dinos said it wanted to remain neutral on the issue before furthur development.

It's not the first time in SBL history that teams talked about leaving the league. Most teams have been complaining for a long time that the CTBA failed to establish a marketing strategy for the league to increase revenues. They are not happy to the distribution of league revenue either.

Actually, most teams were not happy with anything from officiating, venue, ticketing, scheduling to game administration. But the CTBA did not do anything to improve and would not let go of the marketing power, which is why five teams want to establish a new league, they said.