Monday, May 15, 2006

Tien Lei wins third straight MVP

Dacin forward Tien Lei won his third straight Most Valuable Player award Monday in the SBL Annual Award Ceremony, where he also received three other awards -- scoring leader, rebounding leader and the Best Five award.

Two-time SBL Finals MVP Tsun Wen-din was also named to the Best Five and received awards as the defensive player of the year and the blocks leader.

-- MVP
Tien Lei(Dacin) 92

Lin Chi-jay(TB) 87
Tsun Wen-din(Yulon) 26
Chien Ming-fu(BOT) 23
Lo Shin-liang(YMY) 1

-- Most Improved Player
(Top three vote-getters)
Lin Chun-feng(BOT) 60
Yua Ying-li(BOT) 54
Hsiao Yuan-chan(ETSN) 54

-- Defensive Player of the Year
(Top three vote-getters)
Tsun Wen-din(Yulon) 117
Chang Chi-feng(Dacin) 44
Chen Chih-chun(Yulon) 38

-- Rookie of the Year
(Top three vote-getters)
Su Yi-chieh(Dacin) 150
Chien Jia-hong(YMY) 56
Cheng Jen-wei(ETSN) 28

-- Coach of the Year
(Top three vote-getters)
Wei Chen-ming(BOT) 114
Lee Yun-kwang(Yulon) 87
Liu Jia-fa(Dacin) 28

-- Best Five
F Tien Lei(Dacin)
F Lin Chi-jay(TB)
C Tsun Wen-din(Yulon)
G Chien Ming-fu(BOT)
G Lo Shin-liang(YMY)

-- Scoring Leader: Tien Lei(Dacin)
-- Rebounding Leader: Tien Lei(Dacin)
-- Assists Leader: Wu Yong-jen(BOT)
-- Blocks Leader: Tsun Wen-din(Yulon)
-- Steals Leader: Chien Ming-fu(BOT)