Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Jones Cup Day 4 - Kazakhstan beat Taiwan, 88-85

Kazakhstan, with most of its players come from its U-19 NT, upset Taiwan NT 88-85 for its first win in the tournament, while Taiwan NT suffered second straight defeat in consecutive nights.

Lost of concentration and fundementals cost Taiwan NT dearly. The host team failed to pull down defensive rebounds in consecutive possessions in the last minute while the Kazaks made three of four free-throws in crunch time to seal the win.

For the second straight night, Taiwan NT lost on the last minute.

KAZ - Anton Ponomarev 15p+6rb, Isakov Evgeni 19p+9rb, Rustam Yargaliev 16p+4rb, Egor Biryulin 11p+6a
TWN - Tien Lei 26p+6rb, Tsun Wen-din 20p+10rb, Chen Hsin-an 20p (5-14 3PT)

Korea University Select Team 127-85 Japan U-24 NT (66-32)
The game was almost a firing demonstration. Korea University Select Team made 20 threes in the game, including 14 in the first half, to make the game out of reach from the first quarter, when Korea led 40-17. Korea made a total of 61 threes in four games, averaging more than 15 per game.
KOR - Cha Chai Yin 19p
JAP - Yusuke Okada 26p

Philippines PBA Select Team 76-67 Australia U-19 NT (32-27)
PHI - Joseph Yeo 15p, Albert Peek 14p+5rb
AUS - Kevin Probert 13p

Qatar NT 83-77 Athletes in Action (37-35)
QAT - Yaseen Ismail Musa 13p+5rb

Qatar 4-0
AIA 3-1
Korea 3-1
Australia 2-2
Taiwan 2-2
Kazakhstan 1-3
Philippines 1-3
Japan 0-4