Monday, July 03, 2006

William Jones Cup tips-off July 8

The annual William Jones Cup International Invitational Tournament will tip off July 8 in Taipei with 8 men's teams and 6 women's teams participating in the most popular basketball event in Taiwan.

The men's competition will be played from July 8-16 while the women's competition follows from July 17-21. All games will be played in Taipei Physical Education College Gymnasium.

As usual, Japan, Qatar and Kazakhstan will send their men's national teams to Taiwan. However CTBA did not elaborate in its press release about the exact participating teams, only listing the country names of participating teams on the game schedule.

Eight men's teams will play in a single round robin system in the preliminary round. In the second round No. 5-8 teams and No. 1-4 teams will meet in cross-over games with winners advance to the 5/6-place game and title game while losers play in the 7/8-place game and 3/4-place game.

Men's Schedule

July 8
13:00 Australia vs. USA
15:00 Qatar vs. Philippines
17:00 Korea vs. Kazakhstan
19:00 Opening Ceremony
19:30 Taiwan vs. Japan

July 9
13:00 Kazakhstan vs. Australia
15:00 USA vs. Korea
17:00 Japan vs. Qatar
19:00 Philippines vs. Taiwan

July 10
13:00 Qatar vs. Kazakhstan
15:00 Australia vs. Japan
17:00 Korea vs. Philippines
19:00 Taiwan vs. USA

July 11
13:00 Japan vs. Korea
15:00 Philippines vs. Australia
17:00 Qatar vs. USA
19:00 Kazakhstan vs. Taiwan

July 12
13:00 USA vs. Japan
15:00 Kazakhstan vs. Philippines
17:00 Korea vs. Qatar
19:00 Taiwan vs. Australia

July 13
13:00 Japan vs. Kazakhstan
15:00 Australia vs. Korea
17:00 USA vs. Philippines
19:00 Qatar vs. Taiwan

July 14
13:00 Kazakhstan vs. USA
15:00 Australia vs. Qatar
17:00 Philippines vs. Japan
19:00 Taiwan vs. Korea

July 15
13:00 No. 5 vs. No. 8
15:00 No. 6 vs. No. 7
17:00 No. 4 vs. No. 1
19:00 No. 2 vs. No. 3

July 16
13:00 7/8-place game
15:00 5/6-place game
17:00 3/4-place game
19:00 Title game
21:00 Closing Ceremony