Sunday, May 27, 2007

Rumors I heard...

I have been hearing some flying rumors since the conclusion of the regular season:

Yang Chin-min is going to TB?

Rumor said Yua Ying-li will sign with Videoland.

1. Yang Chin-min and Yua Ying-li, Bank of Taiwan's only players on the national team roster, are both expected to leave the team. Yang even wrote in his blog as soon as the regular season ended saying that he is going to Taiwan Beer. And sources told me that Videoland has been contacting Yua, who joined BOT two years ago.

Yang Che-yi is considering leaving Videoland.

Lee Chi-yi was one of VL players who have not been getting along well with the head coach.

2. There will probably be a lot of changes in Videoland. I heard that head coach Liu Chih-wei wil be axed and return to his managerial role because of his below-average human relationship skills. In other words, he did not get along with players.

Word is that Yang Che-yi and Lee Chi-yi, two of VL's core players, are both contemplating leaving. However, I wonder which team will be able to take them. If Yang goes to TB as one of my sources said, his role and playing time will drop drastically due to TB's overloaded roster. It's not a good team for him to go if he wants to take his game to another level and be a leader.

Hsu Hao-cheng has been playing superb in the playoffs.

3. It's believed Videoland is contacting Hsu Hao-cheng, who has been particularly well in the playoffs and one of the key players for Taiwan Beer's title quest.

VL contacted Hsu prior to the start of the last season but TB wouldn't let him go. With starting point guard Chen Shih-nian often playing out of control, TB needs a stablizing force like Hsu in its backcourt.

Will Jonathan Sanders stay in Taiwan and put on a different uniform next season?

4. Sources told me that Azio Eagles is contacting Jonathan Sanders, who will not be back with Videoland under current SBL regulation because VL made the playoffs this year. Currently, only non-playoff teams are allowed to hire import players under the height of 6-7. Until furthur notice, the regulation still stands.

ETSN is not expected to re-sign Delvin Thomas next season.

5. Delvin Thomas is one of the most unselfish imports I've seen in a while, along with VL's Sanders. Thomas does everything his coach asked and his teammates need whether it's defense, an offensive rebound or a basket. However, I heard that ETSN does not plan to re-sign him next season. What a pity.

Thomas suffered a knee injury in his first game of the season and before his return, ETSN has dug themselves a big hole that Thomas alone couldn't help much.

(All photos courtesy of ESPN Taiwan)