Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dmedia changes ownership

The name dmedia Numen was in the past as the team has been taken over by two local companies and will be renamed after the the name of its primary sponsor KKL -- Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor (KKL) Inc., said Numen team management according to a local newspaper report.

The ownership change took place amid a baseball game fixing scandal which is still under investigation and involves dmedia's mother company.

Dmedia became the first corporate to own professional teams in Taiwan's basketball and baseball leagues after purchasing a team in Taiwan's pro baseball league CPBL and renamed the team dmedia T-Rex in February.

The CPBL expelled dmedia T-Rex in late October after allegations of game fixing and gangster involvement. Organized crime took over the team earlier last year and used cash bribes and threats against players before the games in order to reap gambling profits, prosecutors said.

Word is that prosecutors were also suspicious of dmedia Numen's possible involvement of game-fixing. Numen management denied all the allegations however.

KKL is a highly successful semi state-owned liquor company in Kinmen, an outlying island located very near China's southeast coast but is controlled by Taiwan government. Kaoliang, the Chinese word for sorghum, sells so well that the distillery generates an annual revenue of close to US$70 million for the county government.

Hongya International Inc. and De-heng Marketing firm took over dmedia management, Chinese-version newspaper Liberty Times reported.

It's not clear whether KKL will keep NUMEN as the team nickname. I think they will find a new one.

Anyway, KKL will be a brand new team next season and actually weaker as it lost its top two scorers -- import Jonathan Sanders and Ouyang Ching-heng. Sanders left Taiwan and Ouyang signed with Taiwan Mobile.