Saturday, August 14, 1999

20th ABC Championship Primer

Date:28th August- 5th September, 1999
Place:Fukuoka, Japan
Venue:Fukuoka Kokusai Center & Fukuoka Civic Gymnasium

The 20th Asian Basketball Championship for Men which features 15 Asian national teams will send the tournament's winner to the 27th Olympic Games to be held in Sydney, Australia from September 16 to October 1, 2000.

North Korea and Kazakhstan pulled out of the tournament for unspecified reason, leaving Group C with only two teams. ABC immediately added Malaysia into the bracket.

Updated Bracket
Group A:South Korea, UAE, Lebanon, Philippines
Group B:Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Kuwait
Group C:China, Syria, Malaysia
Group D:Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Bahrain

15 participating teams will be divided into 4 groups and each team shall play all the other teams within each group. Top two finishers from each group will advance to the Quarter-finals. Eight teams qualified for the Quarter-finals will be divided into two groups of 4 teams each in the following manner:
Group I : A1,B2,C1,D2
Group II: A2,B1,C2,D1
Top two finisher from both groups will advance to the cross-over Semi-finals:
I-1 vs II-2
I-2 vs II-1
Winners of the semi-finals will compete for 1st place and the losers for 3rd place.

Classification games:
I-3 vs II-3 for 5th place
I-4 vs II-4 for 7th place
Eight teams eliminated from the Preliminary Round will be divided into two groups of four teams each, with each team playing all the other teams within each own group.
Group III: A3,B4,C3,D4
Group IV: A4,B3,C4,D3
Classification Finals:
III-1 vs IV-1 for 9th place
III-2 vs IV-2 for 11th place
III-3 vs IV-3 for 13th place
III-4 vs IV-4 for 15th place

Preliminary Round schedules
1300 Japan-Thailand
1500 Korea-Philippines
1700 China-Malaysia
1900 UAE-Lebanon
Civic Center
1300 Kuwait-Hong Kong
1500 Saudi Arabia-Bahrain
1700 Uzbekistan-Taiwan

1300 Hong Kong-Japan
1500 Lebanon-Korea
1700 Syria-China
1900 Taiwan-Suadi Arabia
Civic Center
1300 Tailand-Kuwait
1500 Philippines-UAE
1700 Bahrain-Uzbekistan

1300 Japan-Kuwait
1500 Korea-UAE
1700 Philippines-Lebanon
1900 Taiwan-Bahrain
Civic Center
1300 Thailand-Hong Kong
1500 Malaysia-Syria
1700 Saudi Arabia-Uzbekistan