Tuesday, August 24, 1999

Re-opening Could Be Delayed

It looks like the CBA could not but delay its projected re-opening date of January 14, 2000. The last meeting of team general managers went without any developement while teams still have different opinions on many issues.

It's believed that the league officials announced the re-opening date to force team owners pick up their negotiation pace. Team owners are the dicision-makers in the CBA, not GMs. But there's no any formal meeting between owners since the league suspended its fifth season on
March 14. The CBA will not have a new season until all owners are on the same page.

Meanwhile, Chao Li-Yun, Director of the National Sports Council and the highest Sports official in Taiwan, had met most of the owners on different occasions. She will try to lay out the league's future and clear the mess because she knows basketball is Taiwan's No.1 sports and the fans could not tolerate the fact that there's no professional basketball in this island.