Saturday, August 07, 1999


After a six-month suspension, Taiwan's professional basketball is back. Chinese Basketball Alliance(CBA) announced in a written statement which was officially released yesterday (August 6) that it will start its 6th season on January 14, 2000.

In the statement, the CBA also lay out its preliminary re-structure schedule. In August and September it will arrange a total of four meetings of team managers and owners to set up the re-structure schedule and various plans in details.

Each team has to remit the deposit, estimated between 30M-40M NT dollar, before the deadline of September 21, for admission to the new season.

The league will set up the 2000 season schedule, start the referee training camp and the working crew training in October. The local and foreign players draft will take place in November. Also in this month the league will start the TV contract negotiation and all promotional events.

All teams will play a number of exhibition games in December and gear up for the January 14 opening game. Playoffs start in July, 2000.

CBA's six teams are: Hong-kuo Elephants, Kaoshiung Mars, Yulon Dinos, Luckipar Panthers, Hong-fu Rams and Dacin Tigers. Except for Mars and Rams, the other four teams are financially stable so far.