Thursday, August 05, 1999


Philippines decided to withdraw from William Jones Cup and go home as soon as possible, leaving Taiwan at 10:20 this morning. Head coach Danny Gaveires released an apology letter before departure.

Because Philippines refused to play their only game left, in which they will play another home team Taiwan National Second, CTBA announced it will have to place Philippines as the last-place(8th) team in the tournament.

Philippines claimed they withdrew from the game because of "safety concerns" of their players.

Game 1: Costa Rica 76-46 Bahrain
Costa Rica: Jorge Arias 17p, Orland Daly 16p, Jimmy Garcia 10p,7rb,5a
Bahrain:Abdul Majeed Norooz 10p,10rb

Game 2: Korea 83-49 Soweto Panthers
South Korea: Cho Sang-Hyun 21p(6-10 3PT), Seo Jang-Hoon 14p,10rb, Lee Eun-Ho 12p, Hur Jae 3p,8a
Soweto Panthers:Sfiso Ncgobo 12p,6rb, Tshwantsho Melato 11p,11rb

Game 3: New Zealand 87-60 Taiwan National Second
New Zealand: Pero Cameron 15p, Robert Hickey 12p, Michael Tompson 10p
Taiwan National Second: Chen Chih-Chung 22p, Chang Hsien-Ming 21p

Preliminary Standing(thru August 5)
Group A
1.Taiwan NT 3-0*
2.Costa Rica 2-1*
3.Bahrain 0-3
4.Philippines 1-2(Withdrew from tournament)

Group B
1.South Korea 3-0*
2.New Zealand 2-1*
3.Taiwan National Second 1-2
4.Soweto Panthers 0-3

* Advance to semifinals