Saturday, July 20, 2002

Day 8 - Russia surprises SINA

Russia finally found the ryhthm in the 4th quarter to knockout SINA, 72-64, this afternoon to win its second straight in the 25th Jones Cup Tournament. Russia is now 3-3 and SINA dropped to 4-2.

Australia edged Philippines in another exciting game, 96-91, to stand atop the standings with five wins and one loss. Meanwhile, Taiwan NT was again humiliated by Canada, 71-96. Taiwan NT is now in the last-place with only one win in six games.

*Game Summary
Canada 96-71 Taiwan NT
Can - Stephen Parker 26p(11-18), Phil Sherer 17p, Reuben Hall 17p+14rb, Nick Maglisceau 13p+12rb
Tai - Chen Hsin-an 19p, Yang Yu-ming 14p, Tien Lei 10p+6rb, Wu Dai-hao 6p+4rb+3s

Russia 72-64 SINA
Rus - Andre Endropov 17p, Alexandre Chernov 16p+6a
SINA - Lo Hsin-liang 16p, Lai Kuo-hong 12p, Yang Che-yi 11p

Australia 96-91 Philippines
Aus - Chris Brown 27p+6rb+4a, Butch Hays 17p, Trau Lindsiran 16p, Dave Simmons 11p+6rb, Willie Simmons 10p+7rb
Phi - Eddie Laure 26p(11-19)+10rb, Jeffrey Flowers 15p, Bruce Dacia 11p, Romel Adducul 10p, Billy Mamaril 8p+7rb

*Standings thru July 20
Australia 5-1
Canada 4-1
SINA 4-2
Russia 3-3
Japan 2-3
Philippines 2-3
South Korea 1-4
Taiwan 1-5