Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Taiwan NT Stick with Current Roster

Blasted by local media and fans by their poor play in the Jones Cup, Taiwan NT head coach Chien Yi-fei and executive head coach Lee Yun-kwang makes it clear once again that they will keep the current roster intact up until the upcoming Asian games in Pusan, Korea.

Yen Shin-shu, the 182cm PG who's recovering from the knee surgery and is expected to be fully recovered on time for the Asian games, will not be included in the final roster to strengthen the weak point guard position, said Chien.

Chien also stressed that Taiwan NT, consisted of mostly U-22 youngsters, will not change its current roster before the Asian Games.

Meanwhile, the CTBA is engaged in a dispute with SHSSF(High School Sports Federation) about four players, Tsun Wen-din, Wu Dai-hao, Lee Chi-ming and Wu Jun-hsiung. These four players are all on Taiwan NT rosters, but also eligible for the ABC Junior Men's Championship this year. Both sides are trying to settle for the training conflict beween Senior and Junior Men's NT.