Thursday, January 18, 2007

Illogical SBL import-hiring system

ETSN forward Delvin Thomas(Photo: ESPN Taiwan)

Is it just me or anyone thinks that the import-hiring system of the SBL is incredibly illogical?

Starting from this season, the SBL allows non-playoff teams, which means teams rank from No. 5-7 in the regular season standing, to hire an import player. However, teams can choose not to hire any import.

Which was why Videoland brought in Jonathan Sanders and ETSN signed Delvin Thomas. Azio, the last-placed team, did not sign any because it did not want to spend more money on player salary.

On the contrary, top four teams are prohibited from signing imports.

Here comes the question. The SBL stated that if team A, which hires an import player, advances to the playoff, it's not allowed to sign import players next season.

Which means if Jonathan Sanders helps Videoland make the postseason this year, he will be out of job next year. He has to sign with another non-playoff team or play elsewhere. Does this make sense?

What will you do if you were Sanders? Play as hard as you can and help your team make the playoffs? Then you will be unemployed next year. Play halfheartedly and hope your team does NOT make the postseason so you can stay with the team? Chances are that you have been fired by then because you were not productive.

The SBL committee should work out a better and logical import-hiring system than the current one. And all SBL teams, not just the non-playoff teams, should consider bringing in more imports because it will benefit the league, the players, the teams and Taiwanese basketball.

Otherwise Taiwanese basketball players will not be able to develop their skills and handle physical play in international competitions.