Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kick and punch

These players just don't learn. In a Jan. 21 game between Yulon and ETSN, Yulon guard Lee Hsueh-lin first kicked ETSN forward Hsiao Yuan-chan in the back after both of them fell to the baseline. Then Hsiao, while sitting on the ground, punched back and hit Lee in the eye. Both were ejected and fined for NT$ 10,000.

What surprised me the most was the announcement of the SBL committee two days later. Both players were not suspended. And you know, with the brawl between Azio and Dacin resulted in multi-players suspension, there's no way a player who punched was not suspended.

Anyway, two brawls in 10 days was not a good news to the league at all. If the SBL doesn't do something about the officiating, negative image and these players still don't know how to respect the game and their opponents, this league will be in deep troubel.