Monday, March 19, 2007

Hunters beat ETSN

(Sanders slam, photo courtesy of ESPN Taiwan)

Jonathan Sanders slammed home a Yang Che-yi miss and Lee Wei-min had a three-pointer and a steal in the last 30 seconds as Videoland edged ETSN 80-73 in a close battle Sunday.

The SBL is once again coming to a two-week halt to make room for the univsrsity league (UBA) playoffs and will not resume action until April 6.

TB 94-90 BOT
TB: Lin Chih-jay 19p+7rb, Ho Sho-jen 17p, Wu Chih-yuan 11p, Chen Shih-nian 11p
BOT: Yang Chin-min 22p+7rb+4s, Hsu Chi-chan 21p+8rb, Chen Shun-hsiang 20p

Dacin 96-85 Azio
Dacin: Tien Lei 27p+15rb, Wang Chih-chun 24p+4s, Lin Yi-huei 23p+8rb, Su Yi-chieh 7p+5rb+10a
Azio: Chien Jia-hong 31p+13rb, Cheng Yu-lin 13p, James Mao 11p

VL 80-73 ETSN
VL: J. Sanders 23p+12rb, Lee Wei-min 12p, Yang Che-yi 12p
ETSN: Wu Dai-hao 16p+5rb+3blk, D. Thomas 11p+10rb, O-Yang Jin-hen 14p