Thursday, March 22, 2007

SBL Week 10 MVP: Chien Jia-hong

Azio forward/center Chien Jia-hong, who registered consecutive 30-point games last week, was named SBL Weel 10 MVP Tuesday.

Chien had 35 points, 16 rebounds and 7 assists in a upset win over Yulon and tallied 31 points and 13 boards in the game vs. Dacin Tigers. He averaged 33 points, 14.5 rebounds and 3.5 assists for the week.

SBL Weekly MVP:
Week 10: Chien Jia-hong(Azio)
Week 9: Wang Chih-chun(Dacin)
Week 8: Chang Chih-feng(Dacin)
Week 7: Wang Chih-chun(Dacin)
Week 6: Shin Jin-jan(ETSN)
Week 5: Yang Yu-min(ETSN)
Week 4: Chen Hsin-an(Yulon)
Week 3: Lo Shin-liang(TB)
Week 2: Jonathan Sanders(VL)
Week 1: Lin Chih-jay(TB)