Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hsu Chih-chang wins first BOW award

(Source: ESPN Taiwan)

BOT forward Hsu Chih-chang, who is enjoy a breakout season, won Week 14 Baller of the Week with a weekly averages of 28 points and 13.5 rebounds per game.

BOT has been ranking in the bottom of the standings all season. The only bright side is probably the emergence of Hsu and Chen Shun-hsiang. The problem now is whether Hsu and Chen will don new uniforms last season because, in the past, all good BOT players left the team for higher salaries.

Voting results: (points)
Hsu Chih-chang 29
Ho Shou-cheng (TB) 25
Also receiving votes: Chen Hsin-an 8, Liin Yi-hui 8, Lin Kwan-lun 3, Jon Sanders 1

2007-08 Baller of the Week:
Week 14: Hsu Chih-chang (BOT)
Week 13: Chen Chih-chung (Yulon)
Week 12: Chen Hsin-an (Yulon)
Week 11: All-Star week
Week 10: Jonathan Sanders (dmedia)
Week 9: Lin Chih-chieh (TB)
Week 8: Chien Chia-hung (PY)
Week 7: Chang Po-sheng (BOT)
Week 6: Lin Chih-chieh (TB)
Week 5: Jonathan Sanders (dmedia)
Week 4: Chen Hsin-an (Yulon)
Week 3: Jonathan Sanders (dmedia)
Week 2: Chen Hsin-an (Yulon)
Week 1: Chen Hsin-an (Yulon)