Monday, April 12, 2010

Playoff seeds almost certain


With two weeks remaining in the regular season, four playoff teams are almost certain as Dacin has clinched a playoff seed and the other three -- PY, TB and Yulon -- are fighting for the seeding order.

A notable trend: Yulon has lost 5 of its last 6 games following a 10-game winning streak while Dacin dropping 3 of its last 5. Both teams have been intentionally resting some off its core players, such as Yulon's center Tseng Wen-ting and Dacin's Tien Lei, ahead of the playoffs.

April 11
Dacin 101-81 Yulon

Dacin: B. Allen 25p+11rb, Chang Chih-feng 20p, Lin Yi-hui 16p+8rb, Su Yi-chieh 10p
Yulon: Chou Shih-yuan 41p (16-21 FG), Lu Cheng-ju 14p

TB 82-69 TM
TB: Yang Ching-min 24p+7rb, Wang Chien-wei 14p, Ho Shou-cheng 12p
TM: A. Foyle 20p+9rb, Wei Wei 11p

PY 100-78 BOT
PY: Chien Chia-hong 22p, Tsai Wen-cheng 21p, J. Sander 14p+12rb+12a, Hong Chih-shan 15p
BOT: Chen Shun-hsiang 20p, Chang Jung-hsuan 16p, D. Creighton 15p+6rb, Chen Yu-chih 12p+6rb

April 10
TM 73-69 Yulon
TM: A. Foyle 23p+8rb+5a, Wu Yung-jen 13p+9rb
Yulon: Yang Che-yi 23p, Tseng Wen-ting 15p+6rb+5a+4blk, Lee Chi-yi 12rb, Lu Cheng-ju 10p

PY 102-82 Dacin
PY: Hong Chih-shan 24p, James Mao 18p+7rb+4a, J. Sanders 16p+14rb+10a
Dacin: Lo Yu-chun 18p, Su Yi-chieh 13p, B. Allen 10p+8rb, Yue Ying-li 16p+7rb

TB 98-96(OT) KKL
TB: Yang Ching-min 23p+7rb+5a, D. Stribling 17p+12rb, Yang Yu-min 14, Pan Jen-te 13p, Ho Shou-cheng 12p
KKL: Chen Ching-huan 24p+10rb, Wang Nan-kuei 20p, S. Hawkins 22p+12rb, Cheng Jen-wei 12p+15rb

April 9
KKL 88-65 BOT
KKL: S. Hawkins 23p+12rb, Lin Chih-lung 20p, Cheng Jen-wei 15p
BOT: D. Creighton 14p+11rb, Wu Jui-chin 10p+11rb, Sun Hwan-po 15p

TB 80-70 Dacin
TB: D. Stribling 17p+15rb, Ha Hsiao-yuan 16p+9rb, Yang Ching-min 13p, Chen Shih-nian 11p
Dacin: B. Allen 14p, Lin Yi-hui 13p

Dacin 19-8
Yulon 16-11
PY 16-11
TB 16-11
KKL 12-13
TM 11-15
BOT 3-24









(Photos: ESPN Taiwan)